Learn about Dementia to help yourself and those you care for

I hope that you will join me in my quest to help and unite with other family caregivers caring at home for a family member with dementia.
About you and Dementia

Dementia affects approximately 50 million people around the world. With an estimated 2/3rds of people with dementia living at home, family carers make up the bulk of the care. Are you one of them? Are you a family carer who supports a family member with dementia living at home?

If so, then I think you will agree that it can be a frightening prospect when someone in the family receives a diagnosis of dementia. We are filled with so many emotions, fuelled by fear of the unknown and what the future holds.

However, although there is still no cure, a shift to a much more positive mindset is taking place. Things are changing. More and more research is demonstrating that there is a life to be led and quality of life to be enjoyed after a diagnosis of dementia.

People with dementia and their family carers are becoming much more capable. They are taking more control of their lives by seeking out knowledge and resources that help them on their path together.

Be one of them by joining us here.

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Dementia Care at Home Book Series

101 Tips on Staying Safe at Home with Dementia

101 Tips on Staying Safe at Home with Dementia:

Avoid Falls, Floods, Injuries, Accidents, Doorstep Crime and More ....

Dementia Care at Home, book 1.

Dementia Caregiver: Inspirational Messages of Support for Family Caregivers Everywhere

Dementia Caregiver

Dementia Caregiver: Inspirational Messages of Support for Family Caregivers Everywhere.

Dementia Care at Home, book 2.

Dementia and The Live Ahead

Dementia and the Life Ahead

A thoroughly practical guide on living with dementia: diagnosis, symptoms, stages, what to expect, caregiving, and paving the way to live with dignity and grace.

 Dementia Care at Home Series, Book 3.

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